Spiderman PEZ – Dispensers and variations

Spiderman has been a regular character in popular culture for many years. He has been popular ever since his first appearance in the comic book “Amazing fantasy #15” in 1962.

As a PEZ dispenser Spiderman been very popular, and has been released several times through the years. Below are the different Spiderman releases and known variations of the dispenser.

1978 – Spiderman A

Spiderman A was first released in 1978. The dispenser has been released both in cello and on card. This dispenser came on both a red and a yellow stem. The yellow version is hard to find.

Spiderman A variations

There are primarily two variations of Spiderman A. These are easy to tell apart. The most common variation has the spiderweb molded to his entire head, while the uncommon variation is missing the spiderweb on the back of his head.

The version without the web on the back of the head is also cast in a slightly darker red color than the common version.

The common version is shown on the left, the uncommon version on the right.

Another difference between the two versions is that the uncommon version does not have white paint on the eyes, while the common version normally has white paint.


1991 – Spiderman B

In 1991 there was a new release of the spiderman dispenser. The character had a new design and a new mold.



Spiderman B variations

Spiderman B comes on both a common red stem and a harder to find yellow stem.



2000 – Spiderman C

In 2000 the third Spiderman was released. This time it came on both a red and a blue stem. Both stemcolors are common.


2009 – Spiderman D

Spiderman D was released in 2009. No known variations exist of this dispenser.



2012 – Spiderman E

In 2012 we got the latest release of Spiderman. It was released on both a blue and a red stem, but this time the character had a full torso instead of just a head.

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PEZ releases in Norway in december

The month of december has been a good month for PEZ collectors in Norway. Four new sets have found their way to stores this month. We are still waiting for a set that was due for release in november/december, but it will probably hit the stores in early 2018

These sets have been released to stores this month:


Justice League

My little Pony

DC Super Hero Girls



Probably will be released early 2018 – Yokai Watch

Swedish Pez Gathering 2017 – 10 year anniversary

November 18th the stage was set for the Swedish PEZ Gathering 2017. This year marks the 10 year anniversary for the gathering. The SPG is held each year in Stockholm, Sweden. The gathering is hosted by two dedicated pezheads, Patrik and Anders. This years SPG was a huge sucess and Patrik and Anders deserve a big thanks for hosting such a great gathering for 10 years in a row.

The gathering was held on saturday the 18th, but a lot of the collectors started arriving in Stockholm on friday. Some of the collectors met up on friday night. This gave the collectors a chance to get together and talk pez. It’s always fun to meet the PEZ-friends you normally only talk to online.

The big question before the gathering was if there would be a gathering dispenser this year since PEZ international only makes these dispensers every other year, and not in 2017. Luckily, PEZ international understood that this was a special occasion and (after a lot of nagging from the hosts) helped SPG create a special dispenser for the 10 year anniversary.
SPG-2017 official PEZ-dispenser

The FinnPEZ bros were present as always. Along with the rest of the finnish delegation they brought a lot of great PEZ to sell.

The PEZ-Quiz at SPG is always a highlight during the gathering, and there is always a big rivalry between Sweden, Finland and Norway. This years winner of the quiz was Wolfgang (Momo)! He was also lucky enough to win the first pick of prizes at the SPG Bingo.

This was truly the best day of the year. Filled with PEZ and friends. After the gathering people took a little break at their hotels. Then a bit later in the evening,a lot of the collectors met up again at a local brewery/restaurant to have dinner together and continue the 10 year SPG anniversary celebration.

This years gathering had about 45 attendees of all ages. A great gathering with good PEZ friends.

PEZ Baseball

The photos in this post are borrowed from www.momopez.com

The american national pastime baseball is not very well known in Norway, but it is very popular in the US and other parts of the world.

I the world of PEZ there have also been a lot of baseball related dispensers made. The various teams in the Major league have released dispensers with their teams logo. Some teams have also released game day promo dispensers. These were given out to attendees at certain games.

Below are the different baseball PEZ dispensers that have been made as of 2017, sorted by team.

General baseball

Baseball glove/bat/ball – 1964

The baseball glove was the first baseball related dispenser that was made. The dispenser can be hard to find complete as it has several loose parts. The home plate is a part that is known to have been reproduced, so fake parts do exist.

PEZ Sportz

In the PEZ sportz series there was a baseball without any team affiliation. It was released in two different versions. One european version with a small PEZ logo, and a US version with a large “PEZ Sportz” logo.


Arizona Diamondbacks

  • Arizona Diamondbacks with – Gameday promo – September 14th, 2002 – “The Maytag store” ad print on the back.

Atlanta Braves

  • Atlanta Braves Baseball – 2008
  • Atlanta Braves Baseball cap – 2013

Baltimore Orioles

  • Baltimore Orioles Baseball – 2008

Boston Red Sox

  • Boston Red Sox Baseball A – 2008
  • Boston Red Sox Baseball B – 2009
  • Boston Red Sox – Mascot Wally – 2011
  • Boston Red Sox Baseball cap – 2013


Chicago Cubs

  • Charlie Brown with Cubs Cap A – Gameday promo – June 14th, 2000
  • Joe Cool with Cubs Cap – Gameday promo – June 26th, 2001
  • Homer Simpson in bag with Cubs sticker – Gameday promo – September 15th, 2001
  • Chicago Cubs Baseball – Gameday promo – June 27th, 2002
  • Charlie Brown med Cubs Cap B – Gameday promo – August 14th, 2002
  • Chicago Cubs Baseball A – 2008
  • Chicago Cubs Baseball B – 2009
  • Chicago Cubs Baseball cap – 2013

Chicago White Sox

  • Chicago White Sox Baseball – 2010
  • Chicago White Sox Baseball cap – 2013



Cincinatti Reds

  • Cincinatti Reds Baseball – 2011
  • Cincinatti Reds Baseball cap – 2013



Cleveland Indians

  • Cleveland Indians Baseball – 2008
  • Cleveland Indians Baseball cap – 2013



Colombus Clippers

  • Colombus Clippers Baseball – Gameday promo – June 28th, 2002


Colorado Rockies

  • Colorado Rockies Baseball – 2011
  • Colorado Rockies Baseball cap – 2013



Detroit Tigers

  • Detroit TIgers Baseball A – 2008
  • Detroit Tigers Baseball B – 2010
  • Detroit Tigers Baseball cap – 2013



Florida Marlins

  • Florida Marlins Baseball – 2010


Houston Astros

  • Houston Astros Baseball – 2011
  • Houston Astros Baseball cap – 2013



Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

  • Angels of Anaheim Baseball – 2011
  • Angels of Anaheim Baseball cap – 2013



Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball A – 2008
  • Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball B – 2011
  • Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball cap – 2013



Louisiana State University

  • LSU Tigers Baseball – Gameday Promo – April 18th, 2004



Minnesota Twins

  • Minnesota Twins TC Bear A – Gameday promo – July 8th, 2001
  • Minnesota Twins Baseball – Gameday promo – July 14th, 2002 – Rainbow foods ad print
  • Minnesota Twins TC Bear B – Kampdag promo – 16 juni 2003



New York Mets

  • New York Mets Baseball – 2008
  • New York Mets Baseball cap – 2013



New York Yankees

  • New York Yankees Baseball – Game day promo – July 5th, 2002 – Verizon ad print
  • Staten Island Yankees Baseball – Gameday promo – August 28th, 2002 – ABC Insurance ad print
  • Charlie Brown NY cap – Gameday promo – July 21st, 2003
  • New York Yankees Baseball A – 2008
  • New York Yankees Baseball B – 2010
  • New York Yankees Baseball C – 2009 – 27th World Championship
  • Yankee Stadium Baseball – 2009
  • New York Yankees Baseball cap – 2013






Philadelphia Phillies

  • Philadelphia Phillies Baseball – Gameday promo – September 23rd, 2001
  • Philadelphia Phillies Baseball – 2009
  • Philadelphia Phanatic mascot – 2010
  • Philadelphia Phillies Baseball cap – 2013



San Francisco Giants

  • San Francisco Giants Baseball A – 2008
  • San Francisco Giants Baseball B – 2010
  • San Francisco Giants Baseball cap –  2013



Seattle Mariners

  • Seattle Mariners Baseball – 2010
  • Seattle Mariners Baseball cap – 2013



St. Louis Cardinals

  • St.Louis Cardinals Baseball A – 2008
  • St.Louis Cardinals Baseball B – 2011
  • St.Louis Cardinals Baseball cap – 2013



Texas Rangers

  • Texas Rangers Baseball – 2011
  • Texas Rangers Baseball cap – 2013